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Talent Tech Virtual Conference is over now but learning hasn't. If you missed attending sessions, we will have all session recordings as video on demand under auditorium for next 30 days. Enjoy watching, enjoy Learning and keep growing.

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Agenda Highlights

Leveraging HR Tech for greater productivity

Tech disruption has gotten into every nook & cranny and yet most organizations are unable to reap the benefits of implementing technology to enhance productivity at the workplace. Learn from the case studies of leading organizations that have cracked this code.

The evolving definitions of “work” and “workforce”

Flexibility is the keyword today. Work is morphing and so is the workforce. Rapidly changing, on the move and contingent workforce is forcing organization to re-invent succession planning, career development, learning and engagement. Hear from experts about building agile structures that accommodate the changing definitions and nature of work and workforce.

What you give is what you get -Reap the benefits of a great candidate experience

Retention is recruiter’s responsibility and every organization looks for candidates who are productive, culture-fits and achievers, and go to great lengths to retain them. But what does this depend on? This depends on delivering a great experience to employees. Join conversations to know more about treating your employees as your customers and winning them for life.

Big Data for HR Decision-Making

What drives HR today? Is it data? Join people/workforce analytics leaders to know more on how organizations are leveraging macro and micro data to design talent strategies and to prepare for tomorrow. Understand the power that analytics technologies provide HR and how it is the key to strategic HR decision-making.

Upend your leaders into digital ones

Technology is changing work, workforce and the ways in which these both are managed. To successfully manage these, organizations need leaders who are comfortable with the disrupting world and manage disruptions too. Get insights from leaders and organizations who are revamping their leadership programs to cultivate a new breed of digital leaders.

Will AI and ML transform HR?

AI and ML have altered the best of the practices in organizations. And it is about time that these technologies will directly impact the HR function. But how? Hear from leading experts in the field of AI and ML about the future of HR with technologies like AI and ML and the technology investment strategies that organizations should pursue today.